Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a unique system of therapy & training that dramatically improves your mobility by lengthening and balancing your fascia. Unlike stretching that attempts to isolate and stretch specific muscles, Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™ ) targets fascia, the connective tissue found in, around, and between joints and muscles. To stretch the fascia, Sandra, a Level 3-certified FST™ specialist gently pulls, then moves the legs, arms, spine, and neck in a smooth motion at various angles to remove pressure between joints, release joint-lubricating synovial fluid, and improve the mobility of your joints.

Fascial Stretch Therapy can help to reduce or eliminate tight muscles and or stiff joints that are caused from the tissue being under stress, from poor posture, injury, lack of exercise or over training. FST™ can be used to treat the following: Decreased range of motion, muscle strain, tight muscles, headache recovery, tendonitis, joint pain.

What can you expect in a session?
FST™ sessions are performed on a massage table equipped with comfortable padded straps that stabilize the parts of the body not being worked on.  Loose-fitting or comfortable, athletic clothing is worn. Flexibility sessions resemble a fluidly choreographed dance between the therapist and client while you breathe and ease into a gradual series of gentle, but deep stretching movements. The experience is relaxing and pain-free.  In fact, you might even “zone-out” while being stretched!  But, it is far from passive.  Your participation with  directed breathing and gentle movements to create resistance enhance the results and allows the body to repair itself.

For more info look at: http://www.stretchtowin.com

video courtesy of Real Bodywork

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