January 13, 2014


“Hi Sandra, I almost called to tell you this morning the good news about my leg, but it was 5:00AM. I wakened free of pain in my left leg after your fascia massage yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!. It was the first time in 15 months that I haven’t wakened with leg pain! It was just miraculous after all this time. Thanks for working your magic.”

– R.L.

“As we move into this New Year, many of us are seeking to make changes and improvements in our lives. Many of us are making changes to improve our health. One area that can often be overlooked or neglected is actually stretching our bodies.  I am a single parent with a very busy teenager and I run a small music studio. I often find ways to excuse the need to take the extra step in taking care of myself but recently I had a fascial stretch session with Sandra Swami. WOW, I came out feeling like I was 16 again and I’m age 51! I honestly thought it would be a basic stretch session. I was completely surprised. So much so that I am looking how to incorporate this wonderful new and cutting edge therapy into my New Year’s routine since with just ONE session resulted in so much relief from the stiffness and, you know, those aches and pains that we seem to get as we age. I realize that results may be different for each person, but I have been pain-free since my time with Sandra. Her logo ‘Wellness and Fitness’ is true to its claim. Sandra’s passion for this method, coupled with her years of fitness experience literally places you “in good hands” with a professional, caring and healing touch.  I highly recommend Sandra Swami for all your fitness needs and goals. Don’t wait too long to lock in sessions with her because once the words gets out, you will be locked out and you DON’T want to miss out on this wonderful and healing solution!  All the best to you in this New Year!”

– Karina (Owner of dream2play music studio)


“Dear Sandra, Thank you so much for manipulating my shoulder. I can sleep, pour coffee and raise my arm over my head, all without pain. Still some muscle soreness, but nothing like it had been. Thank you so much.”

– Sharon


“Sandra – Many, many thanks to you for the excellent body work today…I feel fantastico! For the past couple of weeks after my fall when I walked down the stairs the pain in my left knee was excruciating so I’ve had to side step it one step at a time. Tonite I walked (more like ran) down the stairs & no more pain…hallelujah!”



“Just a quick note to say THANKS again for the FST session. It helped a ton. My hip is much better. I signed up again to see you next week.  See you then!!!”

– Barb


“Hi Sandra, Just wanted to let you know noticing even more improvement today in my left calf and I feel like my flexibility is a bit better overall. I definitely want to get in again soon!”

– R.W.

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